7 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Ads

Stop donating to Facebook & Google’s bottom line!  There is so much focus spent on acquiring new customers that simple ways to save money are sometimes overlooked.  

This PDF will focus you on preventing ad spend from leaking out of your customer acquisition budget pool.

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Facebook’s Cherry Picking Gives You False Hope

Have you ever had initial success on a Facebook campaign for a couple days and then it falls flat the moment you start dreaming that you are finally going to be able to scale to the moon?  

Learn possible causes and how to fix this.


Ad Spend

Attributed Leads


Attributed Revenue

Ad platform conversion reporting is definitely NOT focused on finding ways for you to stop spending!


You are likely wasting money on leads that never buy...


Get insights into the “delayed customer value” secret sauce  that powers high ROI campaigns that don’t look profitable from Facebook ad manager stats.


The time to convert leads to customers can cost you a ton of wasted ad spend until you get a handle on it.




7 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Ads