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10 Things Successful Ecommerce Marketers Optimize

Profitable Ecommerce optimization is the difference between scaling your revenue or losing customers to your competition. 

Get this quick-hitting 2 page checklist on the optimization leverage points in your Ecommerce business.

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Lifetime value, ROI, and customer acquisition cost data unlocks powerful scaling strategies with channels and audiences that otherwise look unprofitable to the semi-pro marketer without these data-driven advantages.


Ad Spend

Attributed Leads


Attributed Revenue

See how Ecommerce marketer made nearly $3 million using jedi “lead gen” for his ecommerce store

GML ROI 3M lead gen

Get insights into the “delayed customer value” secret sauce that powers high ROI campaigns that don’t look profitable from Facebook ad manager stats.




10 Things Successful Ecommerce Marketers Optimize